Refrigerator RV repairman

The wacky world of computers!! I processed the new pictures (in Picasa) and tried a “test.” For some unknown unexplainable reason, I was able to insert pictures into a blog message. “It’s a miracle?”  There’s still a major problem (!!) because I fought a difficult battle for each picture. As I prepared to “publish,”  the pictures were suddenly deleted!! I was forced to reconstruct the message. ~~ Now we wait to see if the refrigerator gets cold. ~~



Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, and the RV refrigerator is still not working. This is only one of a host of problems. Due to the hack of my identity, new checking account, new credit card, my auto insurance was canceled due to the inability of the company to debit my Bank account. Likewise, my Legal Shield was canceled (and I’ve been a client for thirty years). Earlier today, I thought Hughes had canceled my Internet. A bright sunny day, no clouds, no interference, but no signal.

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