Good and bad news ?!

Because of computer problems, I can’t copy links to this message. I suggest you do a Google search for Zultanite and read the details of the rare stone. I was attracted to the gemstone during a seminar on the cruise ship. I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the prices on the ship. On one of the islands, at a shop at the end of the pier, I saw Zultanite at a more reasonable price. Later, back on the ship, a salesman in the jewelry store said it was a fake.

Another island, another shop, I was drawn to this ring that resembles a ring I loved, and lost. This ring was within my budget but the earrings were “too expensive.”

Another island, another shop, and a salesman suggested my birthstone.

Preparing for the cruise, trying on pretty (old, neglected) clothes, packing jewelry, I felt “ladylike.” Seated in a fine dining room, linen tablecloth, fine dishes, and glassware, I was elevated beyond the shabby clothes worn at home working in my garden. I was no longer an “orphan adult”  looking for her “Intentional Community.”

Quite possibly, I bought “costume jewelry” at jewelry store prices. The rings are pretty and I hope for opportunities to wear and enjoy.

One comment on “Good and bad news ?!

  1. Deb says:

    I don’t know if the salesman on the ship new what he was talking about or just wanted to be right, but I do know if you don’t tell, 99.9% of the people you meet won’t know any different, and will think it’s as pretty as you did. Think of how many people are going around with cubic zirconia and other manmade stones. They’re pretty, and that’s what matters.

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