Happy Wednesday

Time to walk away from the computer?

I’m still struggling with this computer but can’t shift to the newer computer. This six-year-old computer has photography software (Picasa) and years of pictures. Likewise all the vast collection of “clip art.” ~~ Time to unpack the suitcase and do laundry!! Time to drive into Livingston for groceries.

After publishing this message, I surveyed the earlier messages. After all my work to prepare “organized” pictures, I see disorganization. My sincere apology for (in my humble opinion) unsatisfactory blog messages. Perhaps another “problem” I can attribute to this computer?? Or “ignoramus” old lady??

Yours truly is experiencing problems inserting actual pictures into a blog message. “Clip art” is still accessible. Round and round I go trying to resolve the extremely frustrating computer problem. I’m reading “help” menus, I’m searching for answers.

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