Attitude of gratitude !!

Remember how grateful I was (am) for the refrigerator I purchased from a thrift store and put in the laundry room? The refrigerator I had to secure? Now that refrigerator is my “primary” source to chill my food items. The freezer is working fine–in my trailer home–but the refrigerator is too warm. Food items are spoiling. Next trip to Livingston, I’ll buy a refrigerator thermometer so I can determine the temperature. I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know how to resolve the refrigerator problem. Recreation vehicle (RV) refrigerators are terribly expensive. I don’t think I have enough space (in my trailer home) for a regular house-type refrigerator. I’ll figure this out another day (when it isn’t hot and I’m not so tired). Meanwhile, I’m extremely grateful for the refrigerator in the laundry room!!


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