Protecting my investment !!

Above, I belatedly “got around tuit” and installed recent purchases. ~~ Below, a neighbor delivered the refrigerator I purchased last week. ~~ The refrigerator also “protects my investment”  because I’ll have a larger selection of fresh fruit and vegetables–for my health.



April 26th: A dear friend brought it to my attention that I need to “tweak” the earlier project. 

Lorraine, that flat rectangular yellow metal plate on your wheel lock is “supposed” to cover some or all of the lug nuts on a wheel. Otherwise, all someone has to do is take your tire off. You’ve got the silver bar at about “4 o’clock;” and maybe that’s all you could get out of it…but can you get it up higher on the tire so that some of the lug nuts are blocked? It will certainly be an excellent deterrent either way.

Tuesday, May 1st: Alone, I struggled to reposition that heavy awkward item. I recruited a big strong man to assist. Obviously, the tire is too large for the plate to cover the lug bolts.

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