Friday “fizzle” & “sizzle” !!


Three o’clock and my day is a BIG fat zero. This morning a rare trip into Livingston to pick up a package at the Post Office. I hadn’t ordered anything but a notice (yesterday) in my mail box. All last evening and all night I looked forward to the trip so I could visit my favorite little cafe for breakfast. I was showered; I was dressed in an attractive outfit; it would be a good day. In Livingston, almost the very last-minute, I changed my mind and changed my route. Very recently, a Huddle House restaurant opened near Livingston and I decided to locate it and “check it out.” For most individuals, the breakfast may have been fine. For me, it was awful!! My favorite little cafe serves wonderful gourmet coffee; Huddle House coffee was strong and tasted like mud. The coffee was pennies less than two dollars; the bill was almost twelve dollars. I left half the food on my plate; I did not leave a tip. 

It was still early; the Post Office wasn’t open yet. I went to Lowe’s and browsed their mark-down plants. Two plants came home with me–and another fifty pound bag of Quikrete. (The bag burst when I was removing it from the car so a big mess!) In the garden department, I browsed–and shuttered–at the prices. Ninety-nine dollars for a Photinia approximately the same size as the one I’ve had in a container for three years. During my yard sale, it was priced at fifteen dollars (and didn’t sell).

The day got off to a bad start so grocery shopping was cancelled. “Home”  was the only place I wanted to be and “home”  is where I’ve spent hours in my comfortable chair in front of the television set. Outdoors/indoors, the heat is miserable.

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