Bordering on absurd ?!

During a visit with a neighbor, it was suggested I lock my refrigerator. The laundry room is shared with my “across the driveway”  neighbor. As I’ve indicated in earlier blog messages, he is very angry with me. He shouts and curses at me; pounds on my trailer demanding I come outdoors and talk to him about the disputed situation. My several-doors-away-neighbor suggested he is the type of person who would poison my food in my refrigerator. My “several-doors-away-neighbor”  has known “across the driveway neighbor”  for seven or eight years and knows he goes to great length to get his own way. I haven’t caved to his demands so his anger is red-hot toward me.

Invariably, I “need”  something a few days, or a few weeks, after it is sold or donated. I had fifty feet of new chain, in original container, that was reasonably priced and sold during the yard sale. Now I’ll pay “top dollar”  at Lowe’s. ~~ The last several days, I’ve been delighted to function as a hostess; I’ve served my guests iced tea, Gatorade, or V-8 from my auxiliary refrigerator. Now I risk poisoning my guests??

One comment on “Bordering on absurd ?!

  1. carol says:

    A hasp and padlock would be a good choice and should mount to the frig

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