IDrive “failed backup” !!

Frustrating!! No solution in sight!!

Please see earlier blogs Computers can be a bane or blessing, and Sunday update.

Saturday, October 21, 7:00 PM; time lapsed 8 hours 50 minutes;
estimated time left 11 hours; 5% complete
Completed files 4,115, 3 GB; to do files 24,168; 59.32 GB


Sunday, October 22, 7:00 AM; time lapsed 20 hours 45 minutes;
estimated time left 8 hours 30 minutes; 15% complete
Completed files 8,767, 9.32 GB; to do files 19,507; 53 GB


Sunday, October 22, 1:30 PM; time lapsed 27 hours 25 minutes;
estimated time left 9 hours; 20% complete
Completed files 10,090, 12.66 GB; to do files 18,183; 49.74 GB


“Print screen” images that are unimportant to my casual reader. However, I’m BIG on documentation. Perhaps there will be an interested reader who will have a suggestion (or two) for me?! Signing up for IDrive was obviously a misplaced expense!!



IDrive sent an email message requesting an evaluation of their service after contacting them for support. Here is my reply.

Extremely poor support!! REPEAT: Extremely poor support!! I sent email messages and the answers were unsatisfactory. I had a “chat” that did not solve my problems. I think I will add my dissatisfaction to reviews on the Internet because your “support” (and product) does not live up to the advertisement!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot get this “old” laptop to back up.¬†Installation went fine–and backup–on my “new” laptop computer.Yesterday (10/19/17) –at 4:17 PM–I had the message “Preparing the list.” The little green line moves across the screen then returns to the left and little green line moves across the screen. The computer has not “gone to sleep” (this morning because I brush my finger across the “mouse”); the Internet connection is working fine.¬†

I’ve had Carbonite for several years and no problem with backups on this “old” laptop. However, I wanted both computers on one subscription.
REPEAT: Extremely poor support!!!
Lorraine Edwards

Sunday update

One-hundred-seventy-five steps from my front door to the computer in the CARE multi-purpose room. My “old” laptop computer is using the Internet connection (at home) and I was anxious to check for email messages. The purchase of the subscription to IDrive has certainly been a challenge!! Yesterday morning, I “uninstalled” and “reinstalled” IDrive. Just before my 175 steps, the backup had been running for twenty-five hours, thirty minutes. Furthermore, only fifteen percent done. Therefore, I won’t be preparing the customary blog messages. To “borrow trouble,” I will not be surprised if the backup “fails” and I have nothing to show for the time and frustration!!!!

Computers can be a bane or blessing ?!

For more than one week, I have been attempting to get a working “backup” on a new “cloud” I subscribe to. It worked OK on the new laptop computer but would not “work” on old laptop computer. I sent half-a-dozen email messages to “support” with no satisfactory answer. Their last message indicated I should go to “chat” and interact with a support analyst. I did… and that took thirty-five minutes and I still can’t get this computer to “back up.” I mistakenly signed up for two years because 50% savings. Well, how good is my subscription if I can’t get both computers backed up?? I’ve said it before: With all the thousands of pictures, hundreds of clip art, and years of blog messages, this computer needs back up I can count on (although it has been [and still is] with Carbonite). The advertised benefit of IDrive is “all electronics” in one place. I also want access (“all in one place”) to the hundreds of files prepared for the Digitized Library of Family History. ~~ Truthfully, I am “pulling my hair.”