Family History Month

“Yours truly” has too many irons in the fire; too many projects. Gratefully, I receive messages that inform me of events I would (otherwise) not know about. Here is a link to a message about Family History Month. ~~~~ Celebrate National Family History Month. ~~~~ No guarantee that you can access the information BUT  here is a link to my family tree.*

*I said that because you might be asked to join Almost every time I want to look at a record on the Internet I’m asked for my credit card. The site is “free”  for one month BUT  I can’t see the information without opening a subscription. “They” hope we forget to go back and unsubscribe before the month expires?! I’ve (occasionally) wanted to look at newspaper obituaries but that requires an annual commitment. (I appreciate all the “free” websites documented… and posted on my recent blog Suggestions for free genealogy research.) Furthermore, “NO” I don’t whip out my credit card; I don’t “need” the information bad enough to subscribe, and unsubscribe!!

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  1. Ten Bears says:

    Requires a login.

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