Out of the ordinary day !!

First: Weather report.


Because she is leaving the area, I saw “my doctor” for a check-up. Figuratively speaking, I was the first patient at the grand opening of the clinic at CARE.** (Picture on the left; today on the right.)

A question on the forms at doctor’s office: “How’s your vision?” My answer: “I don’t know; I haven’t had my eyes checked for more than four years. Can’t remember when I got these glasses.” ~~ So I stopped at the nearby Center for Sight and was fortunate to get an appointment right away.

Due to a 7:15 early morning doctor appointment, and “fasting” for drawing blood, I was sleepy, and eager for a cup of coffee. I wanted to “treat myself” but I’m not fond of “fast food” establishments.  I’d been keeping my eye on a little deli due to open and (finally) they are open. I had a delicious sandwich–and coffee–and will encourage other folks to visit the tiny shop “off the beaten path.”  Then, straight home, because my eyes were (are) “fuzzy” from dilation. (No grocery shopping.)

Almost two o’clock and “nap time.”


**Long story short: 1) CARE Clinic closed; 2) Dusty joined a medical group in Livingston; 3) MAYO Hospital, Minnesota, made an offer Dusty could not ignore!! Bye, bye; best wishes; God bless you!!

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