Lorraine’s DNA with Ancestry kit


The kit went out in the morning mail August 15, 2017. I read the “fine print” of the informed consent form.

As I processed through the “activation” information, I was asked to take some tests that, in reality. are surveys. 1) Family Details, 2) Hobbies & Interests, 3) Personality Profile, 4) Fun & Entertainment, 5) Travel & Culture, 6) Life Story, 7) Traits & Characteristics, 8) Lifestyle & Behavior. The questions are interesting and I’m curious about how they apply to my DNA. I may never have an answer for my curiosity but something to think about?!

Individually, click the three pictures (below) to enlarge. They are an image of the email notification, from Ancestry, saying my DNA sample received.


Below: The results arrived via an email message on September 6, 2017.

Two separate tests, two different organizations; I’ve wanted to “make comparisons.” So far, very few “cousin” connections. (Because they aren’t interested in family history?) See Lorraine’s DNA with MyHeritage.

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