Terrific Tuesday !!



confidence-levelIncredibly beautiful day OUTDOORS but I’m working INDOORS. My confidence level is high because I’m almost finished with all the paperwork regarding a new Will, insurance beneficiaries, etc., etc. My always preference is projects in my “yarden.” However, the recent bump on my head left me conscience-stricken if I’m hospitalized (or dead)!!


One hundred degrees

Temperature at one PM


This morning, I completed the last of the paperwork requested by my lawyer (plus two phone calls and computer hours on-line). Such a relief!! One day soon, I’ll sign and initial the documents. I’ll be able to check this procrastinated project off my “To Do” list. ~~ Now I must get all the boxes out of the neighboring site storage building. (The “powers-that-be” informed me [this morning, by phone] to “get ‘er done.”)





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