Bumped my head !!

Showering the plants with TLC

Stumbled over the garden hose

All afternoon, I worked at transporting plants from the tarp shelter to the picnic table. I trimmed the old, dead growth, and watered. A lovely afternoon until I stumbled…. The old lady picked herself up, felt the back of her head and realized it was bleeding. No broken bones, no concussion (that we’re aware of). Off she went to the CARE Center where staff, and nurse, wiped away blood and concluded it is only a minor abrasion. You are receiving this message from a very grateful, blessed, appreciative (etc., etc.) old lady!! I was cautioned “Don’t take a nap” so I’m going back to my “yarden” as soon as this is published. (Didn’t have my camera [lol] so I’m indebted to the nurse, and a resident, for these pictures.)





One comment on “Bumped my head !!

  1. Deb says:

    Yikes! Maybe you need a padded hat! 😉 Glad you’re ok

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