Marvelous Monday !!

Below is a message I sent (yesterday) to our “neighborhood” email communications. This morning, I organized the items neatly, on display, hoping I’d soon have interested individuals knocking on my door. Time will tell.


Some of you know me as “the plant lady.” I’ve really enjoyed my garden–and will continue to enjoy my garden. However, I have items I will not use and hope someone reading this message will say “Oh, that’s just what I need.”

Garden Tower, brand new, never used, with extra ring and very sturdy caster dolly. Come see mine all set up and well used. $375.00 ~~ There is a very valuable Facebook forum where we exchange very valuable information.

City (Patio) Pickers, two used but good condition, from Lowe’s. Two for $30.00.  PS: sold.

Bottle Tree, 12 branches, brand new, ready to set up. $50.00 (See picture below.)

Bottle Bush, 15 branches, brand new, ready to set up. $50.00 (See picture below.)

I have some extra bottles and will gladly share!!

Christmas tree stands (two), FREE. Create your own bottle tree or bottle bush??

Composter, double-chamber, used but in great condition. $75.00 (Over $100.00 at Tractor Supply.) ~~ (See picture below.)

Several CARE residents are interested in a “Garden Club.” Please let me know if you are interested in joining the group. The more the merrier!! Personally, I have a lot of garden information I’ll gladly loan. Also lots of bird information I’ll gladly loan.

Watch for another email message because I’m “downsizing” and will have other gardening items as weather allows me to concentrate on the project.

Bottle Tree

Bottle bush


Garden Tower



Advertised stuff

Stuff from storage


More stuff in neighbor's storage“The old lady” worked in the garden all morning!! She didn’t think she had another ounce of energy left BUT (afternoon) tackled the boxes in the neighboring site storage building. exhausted-woman-sitting-in-chairA new resident will occupy that site very soon and may want 100% of their storage building?!


Garden Tower in the box

Caster dolly and Garden Tower base


One comment on “Marvelous Monday !!

  1. Deb says:

    A garden club is a GREAT idea!

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