Relieve the stress; buy a new dress ?!

Went shopping (which I rarely do), at Walmart (which I almost never do), and spent in excess of $223.00 (in four stores). I didn’t buy a dress but I bought two long skirts (which I don’t need). When “out in public,” you’ll see me wearing long skirts and an attractive color-coordinated blouse. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t compliment me on the outfit I’m wearing. Truthfully, I didn’t “need” another skirt (or two) but “it made me feel good” and that was the reason I left home today. 

Perrier bottle and thrift shop vases for Bottle TreeFirst stop was the Senior Citizen’s Thrift Shop where I found–and purchased–half-a-dozen attractive bottles, and vases, for my Bottle Tree. At Walmart I bought Perrier just for the green glass bottle. I selected Walmart because I wanted Sterno, and other items, for “evacuation necessities.” (I may be the only resident going to all the work–and expense–of “being prepared.” Houston TV news is urging hurricane preparedness; our CARE Facility Director urged preparedness.)

Before I left home, I received an email from the RV sales and repairs (in Florida) that sold me the new air-conditioner. They want their parts returned!! I’ve been conscience-stricken for weeks but had to wait for the air-conditioner thermostat installation before I could return the “wrong” parts. It was the RV sales and repairs mistake; I ordered all the correct parts. Never-the-less, I’ve felt bad about having the correct parts (uninstalled) and unable to return the wrong parts (installed). Does that make sense?

Three Coleus plantsI hadn’t put away groceries but was asked to move the plants from a resident’s deck to my patio. Helen fell recently and broke her hip; she’s in a local convalescent home. I’m “foster parent” again as my shady patio is filling up with more plants!! Today: Three large, attractive Coleus, three Mosquito plants, several “unknown.”

smiley-face-thumbs-upForgive me; this blog message is just idle chatter. My trailer home is wonderfully cool and comfortable; broiling hot outdoors (3:00 PM). Gratefully, I sense the air-conditioner is operating efficiently!!


Early morning view of ColeusPostscript, Thursday, September 15, 2016, 8:00 AM: Comparison photo. Yesterday, late afternoon, versus early this morning. Neither picture shows the vivid colors of the three Coleus plants.

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