Yesterday, in the “yarden”

Temperature at twelve-noon

Temperature almost two


Even though hot and humid outdoors, it was preferable to being indoors!! After watering all the plants, I removed the screen cover (and miscellaneous). After filling bird feeders, I pulled weeds, and pulled weeds, and pulled weeds. The watermelon vine has been pampered but few blooms and no watermelon. Time to tidy that area?!

No watermelon, all weeds

Watermelon vine

Neat and tidy

Watch and wait

Kissing bugs are swarmingThe “Kissing Bugs” are swarming and are extremely annoying!! I told Roger they were biting but he said “No, the mosquitoes are biting!!” It was an outdoor day I’d rather **not** repeat!!

Selfie with Kissing BugsKissing Bug close up


Shade screen removed (1)

Shade screen removed (2)

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