Peculiar person project ?!

Eyes wide open“Yours truly” resisted for many months–but finally succumbed to the purchase of a “bottle tree.” It is still in the original shipping package because I’m waiting until October or November before I set it up. However, I’ve kept my eyes wide open for bottles. IMG_8875Recently, I found several in a local Thrift Shop. Today, I rescued a vinegar bottle and a virgin olive oil bottle from trash in the CARE Dining Room. I’ve soaked the labels off and they are sparkling clean and eventually ready for display.

It is a marvelously cool and comfortable day!! We’ve had intermittent rain but mainly overcast. Eighty degrees as I write this at four o’clock. Because it wasn’t unbearably hot, I approached several projects that have been ignored. Sounds silly, but I “put off” boiling eggs for my salad(s), and simmering small pieces of ginger root to add the liquid to my iced tea. Why “boil” things and force the air-conditioner to work harder?

Ha haI watched Olympics, I napped, washed dishes–and lingered in the Dining Room after lunch visiting with residents and volunteers. For a couple of hours, the power was out in the area. We don’t know what caused the outage; we didn’t have a major storm with thunder and lightning. A lazy day and my only accomplishment was preparing bottles for the “bottle tree.”

One comment on “Peculiar person project ?!

  1. Deb says:

    A “hot plate” outdoors wouldn’t heat up the trailer.

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