Under the magnifying glass: “Plant sitting” (update)

Originally published July 11th, 2016. Revised while watching the Olympics (in my rear view mirror).

A CARE resident is on vacation and asked me to “care” for his plants. Early the morning of July eleventh (6:15 AM), I watered the plants in his yard. His “house” plants were already in my custody. Not in the instructions, unscheduled, I brought the hanging baskets back to my yard. They were “bone dry” so I gave them a soaking. I need (needed) to do some Internet searches to become familiar with several of the plants. Maybe I can (could) revive them?? The African Violet is a challenge; I know nothing about them!!

Plant sitting hanging baskets

Hanging baskets


Hanging basket close-up

Hanging baskets against sky line


African Violets

African Violets

Plant sitter of two plants

Evergreen in George's yard


Two Boston Ferns

Boston Fern in dishpan


Magnifying glass with human hand“Plant sitting” has been a volunteer task the past couple of years. Last Winter I sheltered a Begonia from freezing temperature. It was my opinion the plant needed trimming. I did… and stuck the cuttings into planters. They are doing well and will eventually go to our Thrift ‘n Gift Shop, for sale.

Begonia in December 2015

Begonia "slips"


A Christmas Cactus was nurtured and thrived. See November 2015 pictures. ~~ Other plants given tender loving care.


George's plants ready for movePostscript, Aug. 8, 2016: At 6:15 AM, I walked the football-field-length to CARE neighbor’s yard–planning to water his plants. “He’s home!” ~~ So his houseplants were moved to the patio and are ready and waiting….

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