Hello Plant Lady !!

“We have a gift for you!!” ~~ Remember, this was a recent planting from cuttings (no roots). This Kalanchoe plant (indoors near my computer) is getting ready to bloom. How delightful. 🙂

Kalanchoe planter

Kalanchoe close up


Yesterday, a resident in the adjacent RV Park asked me to shelter a very large fern, and an Angel Wing Begonia. I used my faithful hand truck to move them to the tarp-shelter. Sorry, no pictures of the transport. 😦 However, here are pictures inside my disorganized, crowded shelter.



Money MossAn after-thought: I snapped this picture of the Money Moss.” I still hope for a proper identification. I’ve already given away several small planters. All cuttings have taken root and standing tall.


Kalanchoe (without a flash)

Plants in the basement may bloom

Question mark small blackGreen thumbPostscript, Tuesday, December 29th: The plant (indoors) is getting prettier each day. It appears the plants “in the basement” will also bloom.

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