Eyeing the temperature !!

Eyeball with magnifying glassCheck back because I’ll be adding more… as our temperatures plummet.


Temperature at six AM

Temperature at ten AM

Temperature at twelve noon

Rain dropping in rain barrel

Before the wind and rain

Garden flags are down


Smiley face garden flag


Cold front hasn't reached Livingston



Temperature at five PM

Storms killed twenty-nine

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at sixThe storm burst on us in a matter of seconds!! The rain is pounding on the roof; lightning  is lighting up the night sky. Through-the-air TV reception has major interference (so TV was turned off). The temperature dropped over fifteen degrees in less than thirty minutes.


Temperature at six-fortyVisual evidence that the temperature dropped twenty degrees between 5:00 PM and 6:40 PM.


Number Three red big and boldTemperature at nine PMAlmost three inches of rain in the gauge. Too cold and wet to linger outdoors for a picture. When the temperature started to drop (earlier), I put on a sweater. Moments ago (9:00 PM) I turned on the heater. Tonight the door is closed, and I’ll enjoy a warm blanket. Last night, the door was open and I slept under a sheet. ~~ No complaints from me because our unusual Fall and Winter weather is preferable to conditions in other states.


Temperature at ten PMSeventy-two degrees this time last night. Seventy-four degrees five hours ago!!

Comment blank for word boring.png

Smiley face making a sour face


Temperature at sixBurr!!

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