Inconsistency bothers me !!

Yours truly has been inconsistent!! I write that I am **NOT** going to bore you with endless pictures of thermometers. However, when I see triple digits, the camera comes out and I record the temperature. Forgive me?! Currently, I’m curious about the “inconsistent” messages about the heat. The sensor for my indoor-outdoor weather station is in shade, in a tree. WhewIt says 100 while the thermometer in my rocking lawn chair–in the shade of the awning–says (approximately) 94. AccuWeather says 96. ~~ Oh well, when it’s this hot, why question four or six degrees? “Real Feel” is 108 degrees.


Temperature indoors and outdoors at four-twenty

Temperature outdoors in my rocking lawn chair

Fullscreen capture 872016 43541 PM.bmp

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at four-twenty-five

Temperature at four-twenty


One thing is consistent: Eighty-three degrees inside my trailer home. During the extreme heat of the day, that’s the best temperature my air-conditioner can produce.

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