Under the magnifying glass: Elephant Ear

Plant Person Pestered Persistently is the title I used for the blog introducing half-a-dozen new plants to my yard. At that time, I didn’t know the name of the plant and labeled it “unknown.” Less than thirty inches tall when I started nurturing it. Note the remarkable growths in less than three months. In the interim, I published messages titled Elephant Ear and Elephant Ear is growing so fast.

Magnifying glass and whity stick figure and question mark



Just the bulb

The Elephant Ear bulb freshly planted

Large Elephant Ear transplanted

Elephant Ear fifty inches tall

Elephant Ear five foot tall

No trick photography

Elephant Ear on patio broad view

Leaves turning yellow


The Elephant Ear plants were not in the pictures but setting up a “mister” was primarily for their benefit. Leaves were turning yellow and I speculated the plants were suffering in the extreme heat and humidity. ~~ Situation rectified: Pictures taken.

Mist on the Elephant Ears

Size of Elephant Ear leaf

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