Welcome to my “yarden” !!

Smiley face with cameraAs usual, I was in my “yarden” (my coined word)  early. The sunshine seemed strangely “friendly” this morning and put my plants in an admirable light. I felt compelled to grab my camera. Yesterday, “for the birds,” I drove to Livingston for bleach (from Dollar Tree). I use a lot of bleach to remove grime from the cement patio blocks and, of course, the fountain.

Time to clean the fountain

Algae in fountain

Bleach for fountain and patio

Sparking clean

Cereus has new growth

Cereus slips


UnknownLast Fall and Winter, I protected a Fox Tail Fern in my tarp shelter. This Spring the rightful owner retrieved the plant and (gratefully) transplanted it in a much larger planter. I observed… and I requested a small bulb from the discarded soil. I thought it might be a Fox Tail Fern bulb (if there is such a thing) and worth planting. Well, all these months later, it is growing but no evidence that it is a Fox Tail Fern.


Turk's Cap

Turk's Cap close up


Dwarf Ruellia and Mexican Petunia

Dwarf Ruellia





Hummingbird Bush

Tomato plants need tender loving care


Three Mandevilla plants

Dracaena Marginata


Tomatoes in burlap planter

Lettuce and Nasturtium

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