Under the magnifying glass: “For Birds, Butterflies & Bees”

Isn't he handsome

Hummingbird outside kitchen window

Swallowtail on Butterfly BushMagnifying glass with orange stick figure (1)


Hummingbirds and butterflies welcome!! I’ve planted bushes, and vines, to attract them. Elephant Ears and Asparagus Fern (and other tropical plants) were unscheduled plants in my “yarden.” The weather has been so hot and humid, very new Butterflies, no Bees, and Hummingbirds disappeared in mid-June.

Fingers crossedI’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping and praying they return soon. For the past two years, I’ve planted… and nurtured Butterfly Bush, Bee Baum, Cape Honeysuckle, Butterfly Vine and Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine. This year I’ve added Hummingbird-Cypress Vine.

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine following the fence

Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine on the fence

Hummingbird bush

Butterfly Vine

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