Happy Monday !!

Beginning to bloom

Close up

Weather forecast

Happy Monday

The weather is delightful!! Yesterday afternoon, I swept leaves, raked leaves, pulled weeds, filled bird feeders, etc. Fifty-three degrees outdoors as I write this at 10:30. Beautiful sunshine; blue sky!! ~~ Indoors, my Kalanchoe is getting prettier every day!! It amazes me that a “cutting” would stay green, and bloom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back again at 3:00 PM; sixty-three degrees outdoors: Our (for the most part) mild weather is encouraging plants to grow and/or bloom. The Petunia plants were baked under Texas summer sun and I thought the plants were dead. Imagine my surprise to see these during my walk around the yard. The previously broken pieces of Christmas Cactus are doing very well and one managed to bloom!! This morning I saw a Bluebird couple checking out the bird house. Oh my, it seems too early for them to build a nest and start a family!!


Petunia plants

Christmas Cactus

Bluebird couple

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wraps on plants in my front yardPostscript, 4:30 PM; sixty-two degrees outdoors: Premature preparations perhaps?! Houston TV meteorologist’ predicted low of 36 degrees tonight. I’m about ninety miles northeast so a bit colder. It was so pleasant as I covered the plants; it is difficult to imagine a drop of thirty degrees overnight.

Wraps on plants in front of my trailer

Wraps on plants in my side yard

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at ten

Houston TV weather news

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