Temperature at two…in eighty degrees beautiful weather.

Recently, I was gifted with cuttings from an unknown plant. I planted them today, and will nurture them, and wait to see what develops. I’ll search the Internet for a name.

“Cow pots” seemed like the ideal planter for the Tamarind seeds. When they sprout, and grow, I can transfer them to larger planters.

A storm is moving in and we’ll have rain and possibility of tornadoes. I didn’t want my new planters overwhelmed with drenching rain so moved all under the cover of my patio awning. It won’t be cold enough to require putting them under the tarp shelter.


Unknown plants

Unknown plant is pretty red pot

Tamarind seeds and unknown plant

Tamarind seeds in cow pots

Cow pots


Kalanchoe plantPostscript, Saturday, December 12, 8 o’clock in the morning: An answer overnight!! SINCERE THANKS!! 🙂 ~~ I’ve read several web links (while enjoying my morning green tea). I realize I made some mistakes with soil and pots. 😦  Armed with the new information, I hope to encourage their growth, and look forward to blooms.

One comment on “Gardening…

  1. Julie Marcey says:

    The unknown plant is a Kalanchoe.
    Happy gardening!

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