Unexpected variety…

…of vertical gardens.

Beautiful in late afternoon sunshineOn the world-wide web, I found a wide variety of “gardens” for small spaces. Perhaps you have experienced a flood of advertisements appearing in your email or along side of web sites you visit. Google, et al, is trolling our messages, and recording our visits to websites. “They” know I purchased the Garden Tower; “they” know I’ve searched for a barrel dolly and/or casters. “They” are free to bombard me with proposed purchases but I’m here to state that I’m 200% delighted with my Garden Tower. It is so much fun to introduce it to my CARE family and friends!! Likewise, it’s fun to prepare messages on a new blog site devoted to my Garden Tower Project.

GreenStalk Stackable. Earth Garden.

GreenStalk planter

Earth Tower


Seven pocket vertical garden. Foody 8 vertical garden.

Seven pocket garden

Foody 8 vertical garden


Wow, imagine the AeroGarden in a home with lots of extra space. Growing salad greens indoors would be awesome!!

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

AeroGarden with lettuce

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