Cold Tuesday !!


Yoyo and stick figureUp and down… to check the temperature. Up and down temperatures!! When I got up at 8:10, the sun was shining and I didn’t see any frost. Remember, it was sixty-two degrees at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Note that it was thirty-two degrees twelve hours later!!

Temperature at four-forty

Temperature at six-twenty

Temperature at six-thirty

Temperature at eight-ten

Happy Tuesday poster

One comment on “Cold Tuesday !!

  1. Ann Chapman says:

    I lived in Dallas for several years, and they had an epic wind called a “Blue Norther” that brought an icy cold front from Canada REALLY quickly. I was out for a walk, some distance from my house, wearing light clothing in the 62 degree weather — and the wind picked up, and 6 minutes late it was 22 degrees–dropping 40 degrees in 6 minutes! Of course, I turned around and walked home as quickly as I could, but it was a long, very cold walk home…

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