“Pride goes before a fall”

Have you heard the old saying: “Pride goes before a fall”? Yesterday I was “proud” of my accomplishments. Today I’m on my knees (literally) as I tackle another project.  In “The Lake House” blog message I mentioned my rain-soaked bed. However, today, I realize the problem has existed for a period of time. I’m heartsick because the tops of the chairs are probably permanently scarred from mold. ~~ I feel like I take two steps forward and slide three steps back!! (I’m not having a “pity party”; I’m still counting my blessings!!)

Blemished tops of chairs

Three chairs, tops are blemished

Indentation in carpet

Indentation in carpet

Trying to dry mattress pad

Trying to dry mattress pad

Everything's dry under the bed

Three chairs upended on bed


The last picture was taken eight days ago but the chairs have been there for a month. Had I checked… I might have discovered the problem sooner?!

The mold and mildew await my attention in the T@B trailer.

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