Standing on my head !!

Under the cabinets; extreme rearCleaning mold & mildewWell, almost standing on my head. (At “three quarters and counting,” my body doesn’t bend like a pretzel.) I’ve been cleaning mold and mildew in the tiny T@B trailer. It is a bright sunny day–but wind is cold!! (The thermometer says 70 degrees [3:00 PM] but, IMHO, “feels like” 50 degrees!!) I’ve decided I need to tackle the project a little at a time. Even with an organic cleaner, the smell is offensive to me, I’m coughing a lot, and my eyes are watering. I removed the dark spots from ceiling and back wall of T@B (left corner) and found (not surprisingly) a massive amount in the storage area under the bed. I haven’t the strength to move the heavy mattress (that I added for my comfort) so I’ll accomplish what I can and hope for a strong assistant some day soon. (Strong assistant: Able-bodied young man.)


Postscript: After reading the comment (below) I found information on the Internet regarding Thieves Household cleaner (and other products). I’ll order some. Thanks Lesley.

5 comments on “Standing on my head !!

  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Lorraine . I have been following your blog for a few months. I started because of my interest in the T@b which I hope will be in my future to travel such as you did. Have you heard of Theives. It is made by Young Living essential oils. A few people have reported it does a great job getting rid of mold and mildew.. Plus it smells great.
    By the way it is -7 degrees F. here (near Toronto Ontario Canada)
    Keep well. Lesley

    • Sincere THANKS, Lesley, for your comment. It is always such a delight when readers send a comment—-so I can have a name behind a location. I use a software program called StatCounter that provides details about location readers log in from. I have folks from all over the world BUT seldom have “comments” or personal contact. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you !!!!

      I’ve loved my T@B!!!! Maybe you’ve read my blog to the extent that you know mine came from Germany–to Dutchmen–before Dutchmen started building T@Bs in 2004. I’ve donated mine to the RV-MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. I have made no modifications. ~~ I’m really sorry that I have mold and mildew damage in the trailer. There are unsightly blemishes now.

      I hope I have a few more trips in me before I make that last drive to Elkhart and pull up to the back door (of RV-MH Hall of Fame) and hand over the title and keys.

      I had tentatively planned on a campout, in April, with the Escapee RV Club Chapter 50 (for Texas, in Texas). However, it conflicts with the semi-annual “garage sale” at CARE. It is a big fund raiser and I promised I’d work it again. I arrived at CARE in early October and was put to work immediately helping with the “garage sale.” So-o-o-o I may not make a trip until the T@B Blue Ridge Rally.

      I hope you have an opportunity to get a T@B–and travel. I’ve loved it: T@B and travel!!

      Thanks for the tip about another cleaning agent.

      • Oops!!!! Texas Escapee Chapter Eleven (10) — not Chapter 50. It has been ten years since I camped with the Southern California High Desert SKPs (Chapter 50). With 20/20 hindsight I remembered I listed the Texas Chapter incorrectly. Gratefully, I remembered….

      • Oops!! The message from Lesley–regarding Thieves Essential Oils–has disappeared. Gratefully I remembered the comment–and will follow-up on May 15th, 2014.

  2. carol says:

    Lorraiine the very best odor free disinfectant is cheap vodka – straight or diluted. It will kill the mold/mildew

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