The comforter

Round tuitThe “clean up” project prompted me to shift things around. The comforter would have eventually found its way to my bed “when I got ‘a round tuit’.”  It has been packed for twenty years; it was too large for my twin bed.


The comforterClose up of the comforterComforter on bed from hall


My mother, Pearl Showalter Frantz, had a large wardrobe of polyester dresses (polyester was popular three decades ago). Some of my “genealogy cousins” made this comforter from the fabric in the dresses. I can look at the various squares and visualize my mother in that outfit. A pleasant memory.


Cross & IcthusToday I’m grateful for “The Comforter” that has been in my life for over six decades. Where would I be without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?? I shudder to think where I’d be!!

The Comforter Comes

by Danette Kettwich

Meet me here my emotions run so wild.
Calm the heart of your frightened child.

Lord, this battle seems more than I can take.
Embrace me Lord as I’m about to break.

Rush of emotions to vast to contain.
Struggles surround like a drenching rain.

Draw me close to the calm of the cross.
Freedom I’ve gained much greater than my loss.

Father, I’m broken, Jesus hear my pleas.
I lay it down as I fall here on my knees.

I don’t know why You’ve brought me here.
There’s a plan I know, as You calm my fear.

This path has brought me closer Lord to You.
I know You hold me, You will see me through.

One comment on “The comforter

  1. Lesley says:

    What a treasure the quilt is. Looks beautiful on your bed

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