The Lake House

Well, more like “the lake trailer(s).” (I just watched that movie, on DVD, a couple of days ago.) It has been raining hard all day!! ~~ Forced to stay indoors, I accomplished an enormous amount of “organization.” I sorted accumulated paperwork, and magazines, and have tamed the paper tiger.

Standing water next to planter

Flooded side yard

Flooded yard

My Carriage and flooded side yard


Postscript, same day, eleven PM: When I started to crawl into bed, I discovered a large puddle of water on my bed!! Standing water!! Apparently, one of the two sleeping bags I’ve been using is “water-resistant” so it prevented most of the rain water from soaking the mattress. However, lots of cold damp surfaces and I’ll be spending the night in one of the huge recliner/rockers. Things are damp in the cabinets over the bed; I hope I can find a dry blanket to wrap up in (or a beach towel). Honestly, this is totally unexpected; naively, I believed the trailer was in excellent condition. ~~ Sucker punch!!


Postscript, next day, Sunday, March 16, 2014, eight AM: Miserable night!! Why is a nap in that chair “comfortable” but all night “unbearable”?? At 3:00 AM I got a miserable cramp in my leg, threw off the blanket and stood up; checked the clock (with time and temperature) and inside temperature was 80 degrees!! The little electric heater–focused on the soaked area–had turned the trailer into an oven!! In a few days, this will be a humorous incident; this morning it’s a pain in my back (and shoulders, and neck)!!

Even as I penned those last words, looking out the trailer windows at standing water and dark gray sky, I’m counting my blessings!! My new next-door neighbor confided in me that they have multiple major situations!! Three birds singingAll around me (at CARE), people with severe health problems. ~~ In spite of rain-soaked yard, birds are singing (and I “hear” them).

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