Ignoramus ?!

For two weeksor moreI was not receiving any phone calls. I thought I’d finally stopped all the spam calls. Then a friend sent me an email message telling me she tried to call… but it went to voicemail. She figured I was not near my phone. The second time, no answer… so she sent an email. Frankly, I am too dumb for a smartphone!! I fiddled with it but was “getting nowhere fast.”  My friend suggested I turn off the phone and restart it. I did that. I went to the Internet and pulled up the instruction manual. I enlarged the print so I could read the tiny information. I fiddled around some more and called my friend and asked her to call me. She tried but got the voicemail message–and she emailed me. Fiddling around, I saw the words “Do not disturb.”  OMG, is that the problem? I finally got rid of “Do not disturb” and received a call from another friend. With a sigh of relief, “thank goodness”  the problem is solved.

No such luck. The next day, same problem following a couple of “spam” calls. The caller wanted to  enroll me in a Medicare program and I said “No thanks.”  She kept talking so I tapped the image of a phone below the caller information. I thought I was hanging up on her. During my sleepless night, hashing over the events of the day, I wondered if tapping the little phone image was the “do not disturb”  button. So I fiddled some more, and I talked to the phone requesting “Turn off do not disturb.”  The phone replied with a message saying “he/she/it” turned off “Do not disturb.”


One comment on “Ignoramus ?!

  1. Deb says:

    I had my first smart phone about 5 days before I knew how to answer it correctly, lol. Don’t give up.

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