Urgent prayer request !!

“Downsizing” is high on my priority list. I was making good progress this morning. I returned to the project shortly after 1:00 PM, after lunch, and (regrettably) fell off the bottom step of the porch steps. Praise God, I didn’t fall from the top step. I scooted around and got to one of my “bottle bushes” and used the planter to boost myself to my feet. I’m in a lot of pain but don’t think I have any broken bones. Please pray that I recover quickly and get back to my downsizing.


POSTSCRIPT @ 8:30 AM Thursday: I slept in my recliner last night because I can’t “hobble” to the bedroom. Yes, I “hobble” while relying on two canes.

POSTSCRIPT @ 10:30 AM: “Getting no better fast.”

POSTSCRIPT @ 1:30 PM: Twenty-four hours since the fall and I am “a tiny bit” better. Now I only need one cane. I’ve been “doctoring” with a hot pad and IcyHot.


Our local weatherman predicts a week or ten days of daily thunderstorms and the possibility of more hail. In that case, I would not have gotten much accomplished outdoors. Now I have to pray that the boxes of items stored on the porch will not get wet. Yes, on Wednesday, I started boxes with items for a local Food Bank and Thrift Store.

One comment on “Urgent prayer request !!

  1. […] my last shower. Until tonight, I wasn’t capable of spending time in the shower and I was afraid I might fall again. I’m expecting visitors tomorrow so I forced myself to be clean and (tomorrow) dressed […]

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