Halloween gremlins in my computer ?

Twas the day after Halloween and all through the house, I suspected gremlins were frolicking around my computer mouse. ~~ I had a problem beyond my expertise so I consulted a brilliant cousin. We exchanged email messagesand screenprint imagesbut “old lady Lorraine” never unscrambled the problem. ~~ I went to bed (after ten) but my mind wouldn’t stop attempting to resolve the situation. Wide awake, I returned to the computer and repeated the sequence of steps from earlier in the day. Finally, well aware that the information could not be restored, I deleted the two accounts that had been clashing. ~~ I went back to bed at 1:25 AM and slept until 9:00 AM. Hopefully, the gremlins have been banished.


The message may be: “Spend much less time ‘climbing the family tree.'”  First: The failure of the battery backup kept me off the computer for several hours. Second: Neglecting the toilet tank leak has cost me hundreds of dollars! Third: Gremlins on my computer. ~~ “Third times a charm”: I see the message.


POSTSCRIPT: Very shortly after publishing this blog message, I lost TV and WiFi service. Almost as though an exclamation mark was added to the above comments. The service was off for three hours. During that time, I did a few projects in the yard.

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