Kindness at work !!

Yesterday morning, I heard unfamiliar sounds on the other side of my back fence. I opened the curtain on my bedroom window and  observed a dozen men. Not a familiar face in the group. No explanation needed; they were there to build a porch, and ramp, for my ninety-three year old veteran neighbor. “Mr. Gil” has been in the hospital, twice, recently, but  currently is “stuck” at home. I do not know the details. ~~ When work stopped and all was quiet, I took one of my ladders to the back fence and peeked over. “Looking good.”


I’ve had some health problems recently but they are small compared to the health problems of some of my neighbors. Across my yard, beyond the side fence, a neighbor is recovering from a stroke. Across the street, the wife struggles to care for her husband suffering from Alheimers. Down the street, both husband and wife have been in the hospital and “rehab.” At 5:00 PM an ambulance drove in and I can surmise the wife, home alone, had an emergency. ~~~~ Counting my many blessings.



This little fellow was on the fence so I kept my distance (and used the telephoto lens) until he jumped down into my neighbor’s yard. Looks like a turkey to me. I wonder where it came from.  ~~ I was in my yard to peek over the fence to see the completed ramp.

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