Bad and mad !!

Number one: I hate to get up in the morning because I’m so tired from lack of sleep. I grudgingly got up and headed for the “throne room.” OMG, I walked into, and upon, a soaking wet bath mat. “Where did all this water come from?”  This bad old lady confesses to a toilet tank leak but has never had water on the floor.

Number two: Remorsefully, I walked to the Clubhouse (after getting dressed), to share my problem with the group who gather for coffee. They said “good morning” and I growled “bad morning.” Mr. Red was informed of my problem and shortly thereafter he and his grandson were surveying the situation.

Number three: Mr. Red headed for Home Depot while his grandson stripped the faulty parts from the toilet tank. Later the two men installed the new parts. While his grandson was busy, “Mr. Red” displayed the following message on his Smartphone.






Because my trailer home is terribly cluttered–and dirty–I have not wanted anyone inside my home. I knew I had a toilet tank leak but deliberately refused to tell anyone. This crazy old woman would prefer to pay the high price of water overage!

2 comments on “Bad and mad !!

  1. Deb says:

    There’s a gasket between the tank and the bowl (where the water goes down into the bowl) that could leak water outside, and two bolts that tighten the tank to the bowl that have gaskets that can go bad or loosen. They didn’t just change those, they went above and beyond and rebuilt the entire tank. Nice!

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