Indulgences !!

The doctor made me do it!! I had to drive to the pharmacy for another prescription. Only two pills and only twenty-eight cents!! One pill tonight and one pill at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Then back to the clinic tomorrow morning for another EKG.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find the desired item at Walmart. Perhaps my favorite marketdrug store departmentwould have the item? No luck so I’ll have to order it online. I meandered the aisles; I lingered in the clearance area. Last year I purchased two sets of expensive patio lights and they are festive in my yard and attached to the carport. Here they are, almost half-price, so I grabbed them. Last year, I paid top dollar for timers that turn the lights on at dark and off at dawn. I latched on to seven timers that were less than half-price. I’ll share the lights, and timers, with neighbors because we will be decorating for Christmas in about five weeks. We hang the lights prior to… and turned them on Thanksgiving evening. I purchased some food items on sale. The shopping trip was enjoyable and good exercise for this old lady who spends too much time sitting at the computer. ~~ Indulgences: The past two days, I’ve been eating some very tasty food!!


POSTSCRIPT on October 20th: For some strange reason, this post wasn’t published “the other day.” ~~ “Better late than never?”

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