Out-of-the-ordinary day


First event: A trip to the doctor’s office for an EKG. It was the first of four… scheduled for this week. It has to do with new medication to ward off A-Fib. Second: A haircut because the shop is within walking distance of the Clinic. Third: Shopping at Walmart because it is about one-quarter mile from the clinic. “They” didn’t have the two specific items on my list. I browsed every aisle and selected a number of items from the clearance area. In the grocery area, some canned goods not for sale at my grocery store of choice. Nothing has been accomplished beyond putting the groceries away. I took a nap, and indulged in Blue Bell ice cream gratefully received (Saturday) from “Mr. Red,” owner-manager of this RV Park. Remember (?), I spent eleven hours “climbing the family tree” on Saturday. The ice cream and strawberries were (are) a delicious snack!! ~~ No “tree climbing” thus far today.

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