With the precision of a surgeon ?

I love clipart and I love to search for images to reinforce my message. This picture captures my opinion that I can sit at the computer and successfully correct a problemwith the precision of a surgeon.

I have a large Ancestry database and almost everyone is related (my Old German Baptist Brethren ancestors and their descendants). I have so many “same name” and “same location” relatives, documentation must be approached skillfully. Frequently, I spend hours researching and documenting one family.

For two days (as I was “feeling better”), I documented families that were unknown to me but I wanted to assist the lady who sent a message with kind words. As is often the case, I find a surprise “just around the corner.” Kathy’s cousin claimed to share my immigrant ancestor Michael Frantz.  I’ve been dealing with “Frantz” information since 1989 and I knew I was looking at misinformation. Day three, from dawn ’til dark, I worked to accurately document the ancestry of Kathy’s cousin. In my humble opinion, “it’s a good thing” to document more Frantz cousins (for the benefit of other researchers). But I get so frustrated (“madder than a wet hen”) when Ancestry subscribers don’t do research. They “copy” from one another and, unfortunately, they aren’t copying from my well-documented “tree.”

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