Mad as a wet hen !!

Two full days have been devoted to research for “Kathy” (see her message in Just what the old lady needed). I was unable to find even the remotest “cousin connection.” That’s OK with me because some of my extended family may benefit from the additional information in my database. Why am I mad? In a subsequent exchange of messages, Kathy introduced me to her DNA cousin. That cousin claims to be a descendant of (my) Michael Frantz and Magdalena Zug.

It’s a fact: I have more than 64,000 individuals in my database: Frantz 2605, France 590, Franz 36. Kathy’s DNA cousin has a total of 548 individuals in her “tree” with a dozen different surnames. The cousin has very few sources to authenticate her documented ancestry. Why, why, why don’t folks check Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (free on the Internet) or my Ancestry family tree??

Postscript @ 11:00 AM: The longer I work with the information, the madder I get!! I believe the “sources” are accurate: “Why are members ignoring obvious information for unsubstantiated data?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript @ 5:00 PM: I couldn’t “let go” until I resolved the conflicting information. I am very intolerant of erroneous information regarding the Frantz family. Repeat: Very intolerant.

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