Just what the “old lady” needed !!

“Sick, tired, lonely…”  all describe recent statements in my blog messages. What a joy to read the following message (this morning) in Ancestry messaging. The reader’s attention is drawn to the comment: “I want to thank you so much for making your Ancestry tree public. You have helped me immensely! “

Hi Lorraine, My name is Kathy(Mary) Mach and I have been helping my cousin Patricia Hering with her Ancestry Tree. Her Ancestors include the Frantz family. Michael Frantz ll and Magdalena Zug are her 6th Great Grandparents. Patricia is my 1st cousin. Her Father and my Mother were brother and sister. They were Italian. I am also on 23 & Me and have recently learned that Patricia and I share a DNA match on my Father’s side! I was so excited!!! This match is German & French. He has the surnames of Miller, Bender, and Yoder in his ancestry. Needless to say I have been on a mad search trying to find Patricia’s and our shared match connection. I did find, with the help of your tree, a Frantz & Miller connection with Salome “Sally” Frantz & Abraham Miller (1796-1867). I’ve recently found a Mary Ann M Miller (1807-1878) marring Adam Hochstetler and their daughter Cathrine married Michael Bender & their daughter Barbara (1835-1898) married a Yoder. I also have Miller’s on my Father’s side but so far none of the Millers in Patricia’s tree or the Millers in my tree match. I want to thank you so much for making your Ancestry tree public. You have helped me immensely! I was wondering if you could help me connect the dots with the Frantz’s & Mary Ann M Miller (1897-1878) & Adam Hochstetler(1803-1885)? I am having trouble finding it and if you could help me out in anyway I would greatly appreciate it!!! Hope I made sense and didn’t ramble on too much. Thank you, Kathy


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