“Bad” night

You’ve heard the saying that your life flashes before you when you are dying? My life was dragging before me!! Was I dying; am I dying? Finally, I couldn’t tolerate the negative thoughts for another moment andhere I amat the computer (my companion). “They” were all such unhappy memories!!

Why is this happening when I’m truly so grateful for “good things” and blessings in my life? Maybe a remnant of the illness that brought my life to a standstill for three weeks? I’m feeling “better” but not back to normal. I don’t even know the name of my illness. Was it a sinus infection? Was it the flu? The testat the doctor’s officewas negative for the Coronavirus.

I confess to spending “too much time” on the computer. However, it is my escape from my self-imposed isolation from what used to be an active lifestyle.

This is my “journal” and I’m documenting a few of the details of my “bad night.” I deliberately refuse to document the negative memories.

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