“I have a desire”

I want to go to sleep for twelve hours (at least eight hours) and awaken and feel normal again. I am so exhausted. I can’t sleep in my bed because laying down flat I constantly cough a stranging cough. Occasionally, I experiment with “going to bed” before shifting back to the “glider” in the living room. I almost titled this blog “Chair dislike.” After so many hours, and so many days, the chair is no longer comfortable. I have no choice. (Correction: Move to the computer chair because a blog message came to mind.) The “glider” reclines but does not have a footrest. I haven’t the energyor desireto fix an improvised footrest. (Read this blog message and see a picture of an earlier improvised footrest.) ~~ I have the strangling cough while sitting in the “glider”and at the computerbut at intervals. “Cough, cough, blow, blow.”

Postscript @7:45 PM

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