Praise report !!

9:45 AM: Lorraine got twoplus hours of sleep between 5:00 and 8:00 AM. It was a “happy feeling” to “wake up.”  I  crave more sleep!! After endless, aroundtheclock, coughing, I am coughing less. Now I wish I had the energy to prepare my good cup of gourmet coffee. After this brief message, I’ll make a cup of tea and add honey.

12:00 noon: I enjoyed an hour without the strangling cough.

Postscript @ 3:00 PM:  Several hours without the strangling cough. What a relief it is!! I enjoyed delicious potato soup from a neighbor. She didn’t know my preferencebut her’s is absolute “mashed potato soup” perfection. “Mashed potato soup”soup so thick the spoon stands up in the bowl.

Postscript @ 6:00 PM:  I’m “better” but far from a fully-functioning person. There are occasional fits of coughing. I managed to walk to the Clubhouse and deposit my late rent check in the locked box. On the way home, I collected a stack of mail from my mailbox. In response to an email message from Texas Utility (electricity) saying my payment was overdue, I phoned…  As you know, I haven’t had enough health to take care of my few bills (TXU, Jitterbug  phone, Spectrum  TVWiFi, and one credit card paid in full each month).

In a “praise report” blog message, I will not launch into a rant about the Jitterbug  phone. More about that on another day.

Come back later because I’ll add more information as the day goes by.

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