Checking in (before I check out?)

“New tune in June.”  Before I write about my doings, I suggest you check for the Today Show story with Harry Smith’s interview with the author of  We Are What We Eat.


Yesterday, I ventured out (all by myself) to purchase more garden soil at The Home Depot. Then to Walmart for a few items. Gratefully, I got home before an extremely hard rain drenched my yard. I hope, and pray, it didn’t damage my veggie garden.

I think my peculiar footrest is helping my feet and legs problem. Yesterday: Limited pain. ~~ When I shared my perceived health problem with a friend, she said: “Maybe your socks and shoes are too tight.”  BINGO!! I think she had accessed the problem correctly. I had noticed my “wear-them-all-the-time shoes” seemed too tight. She questioned if I had elastic socks. “Yes?” Quite possibly, tight socks and tight shoes contributed to the swollen feet, ankles, and legs? Blood not circulating back to my heart? ~~ In Walmart, I searched the aisles and believe I found an ideal pair of shoes. They are “not too snug,” and almost feel like going barefoot. However, I’ve added Nikken magnets that may (furthermore) alleviate my feet, ankles, and leg problems. (I was a Nikken distributor for many years and believe in the benefit of magnets.)  ~~ I searched for cotton socks or footletts and found none. In the men’s socks aisle, I found “not so stretchy socks.” ~~ Even before I made my purchases, I have been wearing knobby” sandals (part-time) because it massages the bottom of my feet. It’s a fact: Massaging the bottom of the foot massages every organ of the body. ~~ This past year, I have ignored my health; I have neglected doing the things I’ve practiced for many years. “New tune in June.” ~~ FYI: I’ve had my “knobby sandals” for many years and was surprised (horrified) when I saw the pricewhen I searched for the Internet link. Forgive me, we should not put a price tag on our health! Honestly, I am probably as healthy as I am (at 86) because I’ve practiced a “holist” lifestyle for half my lifetime.

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