Remember A.O.L. ?

“You’ve got mail.”

This afternoon, I received the following message:

Lorraine Frantz, I read with interest your origin and descendant info concerning the Traxler Brothers, Peter and Michael. I have their Passenger List Record, aboard the ‘Tyger’ and know they settled in Huntington Co Pennsylvania. I am a remote Canadian descendant of Traxler marriages and offspring. EVERY Traxler in Canada can trace their beginnings to one of the Brothers. And the names Peter and Micheal appear frequently in their descendant’s children’s offspring. Thanks for posting your detailed info and inclusions. Such early origins are so difficult to document and trace. Your research is a treasure. Thank you.

Obviously, in response, I prepared a long, newsy message.

Another milestone

“Another milestone”  in two different ways. This may be the last time I document the number of individuals in my database. To document the number usually takes two computers (to capture the image). Today, both laptop computers refused to cooperate. I used the camera to capture the image showing 60,004.

I have a fondness for all things “good old days.”  The laptop computers have been valuable. Time to retire the “good old guys.”


Today, seventy (70) individuals were added to my database as I documented the obituary received last night. I don’t limit information to the individual, the spouse, and children. Obituaries are a gold mine of information!! I climb out on the limbs because invariably I have some of the ancestors in my database. Today, I was recording data for individuals with unfamiliar surnames and (no surprise) it led to familiar surnames. The lady who passed away, “the person of interest,” is my sixth cousin.

Sunshine and fresh air

I’ve been waiting for pleasant weather to approach this project. Today is “very pleasant” and I filled a large bag with cansafter removing the “pop-tops.” ~~ One bag but perhaps two more bags awaiting my attention.


Tears come to my eyes…

…when I read the following message.

I confess to occasional discouragement when I help another researcher and they don’t say “thank you.”

Lorraine……YOU ARE WONDERFUL. And kindly do not argue with me because you are wonderful. And your genealogy skills and accomplishments are extraordinary. I was amazed yesterday and I remain amazed and a bit ashamed today. You got dumped on by this techno-crazy old lady.

And I was feeling exactly like you last night and today. Because I did mess up. I made assumptions that you would be able to read my mind and I overwhelmed you with material.

So last night I emailed Mary Ann with my woes. Then late today I called Cousin Peggy.

Peggy agreed with Mary Ann that I messed up in several areas but especially when I gave you Mother’s name without explaing Estes was her middle name. We agreed that most researchers would think it was her surname. Thus Nash would possibly be a married name.

Point is, I hit you with names I am very familiar with and expected you to know them as well as I do. And I wasn’t concise. I meandered or babbled a bit much. Mary Ann and Peggy agree I do tend to talk A LOT. It may take an hour when I’m talking to ever give the reason for my call.

And in genealogy, whether it is a family member or a researcher, give the SPECIFICS IN ORDER. Leave the background and family stories for later – if requested.

So I apologize. I thank you with all my heart. You continue to amaze me……and I loved your blog.

May angels bring us both a restful sleep tonight.

Seriously, her kind words brought tears to my eyes. In turn, I offer my thanks to my Heavenly Father (God) for the computer and genealogy skills. Some people have musical talent, some are great at sports, some are preachers… Perhaps I can make this comparison: I’m as comfortable at the keyboard as Liberace at the piano.

Elated and deflated !!

“The old lady”  (Lorraine) did not want to get out of bed this morning. Hide under the covers, try NOT to think. Why? Yesterday I was “elated” by kind words for my genealogy skills; today I’m “deflated” because my contribution was all wrong. I frequently say I strive for 200% accuracy. Yesterday’s documentation was totally inaccurate. I question: “How many other errors in my database?”  The ancestry chart in yesterday’s blog message did not accurately portray the lineage of the lady I believed was a sixth cousin.


P.S. 7:30 AM: My TV pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, shared a message that encourages me to face the day.

P.S. 10:30 AM: Here are the lyrics to a Christian chorus I like to sing. I could not ignore the project; I “stuck to it” until I was comfortable with the information. Honestly, “I’ll not be defeated.”


We Will Not Be Defeated
We Will Not Be Defeated Anymore
Jesus Christ Gods Only Son
Fought The Battle And He Won
We Will Not Be Defeated Any More
We Will Not Be Defeated
We Will Not Be Defeated Any More
Since The Holy Ghost Came In
Gave Us Power Over Sin
We Will Not Be Defeated Any More

“Sitting is dangerous to your health”

Postscript (strangely at the beginning of the message): I don’t understand my error butat the suggestion of a friendI removed the hyperlinks to the web address. This “postscript” was added several hours after the message was originally published.


“Sitting is dangerous to your health.”   Hey, I’ve said that for months!! This email message arrived in my mailbox (from one of the “doctor” websites I’m subscribed to).

Do you sit in a chair during the day?

If so, I urge you to be careful.

Sitting leads to tight hipslower back pain, and decreased blood flow which WILL ultimately slow down your metabolism — making fat loss nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

In an ideal world, everyone would stop sitting, but you and I both know that’s not an option.

Thankfully, there’s an easier alternative: The World’s Greatest Stretch!

The stretch literally counteracts all the damage from sitting in just a few minutes per day!

Check it out:

==> Worlds Greatest Stretch is revolutionizing fat loss & mobility


OK, I’ll check it out.

My legs hurt all the time!! My gut hurts, too, and I suspect from “too much sitting.”  I despise my belly fat!! Off-topic: I don’t get a good night’s sleep.    I’m a mess!!



Almost November and we still have heat and humidity. I still need the air-conditioner each day. I hope, and pray, we have some “Fall” weather so I can spend less time sitting and more time outdoorsin the carport“downsizing.”

Salve for the soul

Hi Lorraine,

First – your work on the Frantz families overwhelms me. I have problems trying to follow one line. There is no way I could manage thousands as you do. So THANK YOU for your outstanding work.

Now – I am trying to figure out if my Michael France is Michael Frantz IV. I have come to this rodeo very late is my life and I am severely techno-challenged.  >>>>>>>>>


Again…….thank you for all of your work. It simply amazes me.

I needed those words of appreciation. I was really feeling “blue” and considered naming a blog message “Blue Monday.” I confess to needing an affirmation twice in a while. Before I finished reading her email, I knew I had the answer to her questions.  I answered… and immediately went to my tree to expand my information to link to her family.

My Heavenly Father (God) knew I needed encouragement and, out of the blue, the nice message (from a stranger). Furthermore, “Mr. Red” (owner/manager) brought me homemade beef stew and mandarin oranges. “Shawna” (a neighbor) brought me homemade muffins. ~~ I’m feeling terrific this evening!! ~~


P.S. 8:00 PM: Detective Lorraine got busy researching and documenting the ancestry of the lady who questioned whether her “France” family is related to the “Frantz” family. The following image was emailed to my new-found sixth cousin.

In the middle of the night…

…wide awake and Divinely inspired to turn on the TVto Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). There was one of my favorite pastors, Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. After the “Praise” program, I searched for a link to add to this message and hope and pray this link takes my reader to the broadcast. A “timely” message…