Another milestone

“Another milestone”  in two different ways. This may be the last time I document the number of individuals in my database. To document the number usually takes two computers (to capture the image). Today, both laptop computers refused to cooperate. I used the camera to capture the image showing 60,004.

I have a fondness for all things “good old days.”  The laptop computers have been valuable. Time to retire the “good old guys.”


Today, seventy (70) individuals were added to my database as I documented the obituary received last night. I don’t limit information to the individual, the spouse, and children. Obituaries are a gold mine of information!! I climb out on the limbs because invariably I have some of the ancestors in my database. Today, I was recording data for individuals with unfamiliar surnames and (no surprise) it led to familiar surnames. The lady who passed away, “the person of interest,” is my sixth cousin.

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