Salve for the soul

Hi Lorraine,

First – your work on the Frantz families overwhelms me. I have problems trying to follow one line. There is no way I could manage thousands as you do. So THANK YOU for your outstanding work.

Now – I am trying to figure out if my Michael France is Michael Frantz IV. I have come to this rodeo very late is my life and I am severely techno-challenged.  >>>>>>>>>


Again…….thank you for all of your work. It simply amazes me.

I needed those words of appreciation. I was really feeling “blue” and considered naming a blog message “Blue Monday.” I confess to needing an affirmation twice in a while. Before I finished reading her email, I knew I had the answer to her questions.  I answered… and immediately went to my tree to expand my information to link to her family.

My Heavenly Father (God) knew I needed encouragement and, out of the blue, the nice message (from a stranger). Furthermore, “Mr. Red” (owner/manager) brought me homemade beef stew and mandarin oranges. “Shawna” (a neighbor) brought me homemade muffins. ~~ I’m feeling terrific this evening!! ~~


P.S. 8:00 PM: Detective Lorraine got busy researching and documenting the ancestry of the lady who questioned whether her “France” family is related to the “Frantz” family. The following image was emailed to my new-found sixth cousin.

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