“Sitting is dangerous to your health”

Postscript (strangely at the beginning of the message): I don’t understand my error butat the suggestion of a friendI removed the hyperlinks to the web address. This “postscript” was added several hours after the message was originally published.


“Sitting is dangerous to your health.”   Hey, I’ve said that for months!! This email message arrived in my mailbox (from one of the “doctor” websites I’m subscribed to).

Do you sit in a chair during the day?

If so, I urge you to be careful.

Sitting leads to tight hipslower back pain, and decreased blood flow which WILL ultimately slow down your metabolism — making fat loss nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

In an ideal world, everyone would stop sitting, but you and I both know that’s not an option.

Thankfully, there’s an easier alternative: The World’s Greatest Stretch!

The stretch literally counteracts all the damage from sitting in just a few minutes per day!

Check it out:

==> Worlds Greatest Stretch is revolutionizing fat loss & mobility


OK, I’ll check it out.

My legs hurt all the time!! My gut hurts, too, and I suspect from “too much sitting.”  I despise my belly fat!! Off-topic: I don’t get a good night’s sleep.    I’m a mess!!



Almost November and we still have heat and humidity. I still need the air-conditioner each day. I hope, and pray, we have some “Fall” weather so I can spend less time sitting and more time outdoorsin the carport“downsizing.”

One comment on ““Sitting is dangerous to your health”

  1. Jimmie says:

    You’ve been SPAMMED. You should know better than to share sales pitches!

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